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Context Transition in DAX/Power BI: A Visual Guide

By Brian Grant on 8/10/2017

Context Transition can be frustrating for a new Power BI user. Definitions for it seem deceptively simple, but wrapping your head around how it works within a DAX expression can be quite difficult. Fear not though, in this video we're going to walk you through the step by step mechanics of how the Context Transition behavior of CALCULATE() can take a sad broken formula and almost magically bring

Move Over Promises - Async/Await Is Here

By Ken Howard on 6/16/2017

JavaScript developers have suffered long enough. The wait for asynchronous functions is over. Here's what you need to know to use the new feature today.

Row vs Filter Context in PowerBI

By Brian Grant on 5/30/2017

Gaining an understanding of Row and Filter Context is among the most difficult challenges facing a new DAX author...In this video, we're going to attempt to jumpstart that process. This isn't a strict technical definition (I simplify a few things), but rather a beginner friendly mental model designed to get you up and running with DAX while still giving you a solid sense of what's happening under

Removing Excess Spaces Between Words AKA Inner Trim (Power BI)

By Brian Grant on 5/9/2017

Text.Trim() does an excellent job of getting rid of things like " Leading spaces" and "trailing spaces "; but unlike its' Excel cousin it doesn't handle "excess inner spaces". In this video we show you a cool way to leverage Text.Split() and Text.Combine to isolate shed those pesky double spaces and knock them out of your precious data for good.

Annotating Charts for Specific Events in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 4/18/2017

Pop-up annotations in a chart allow you do add just this kind of rich narrative information into your data dense charts. In this video we'll show you a nice, quick way to implement that in Power BI.

CSG Pro Recognized by Microsoft as a Power BI Showcase Partner

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 4/12/2017

CSG Pro earns Microsoft recognition as a top-tier Power BI Partner.

Turning 445 Summary Tables ino Usable Calendar Tables in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 4/12/2017

...the idea with this video is to give you a sense of how many different ways there are to solve the same problem in the M language and also introduce you to one of my favorite functions, "List.Dates()".

Better Chart Backgrounds for Visual Clarity in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 4/4/2017

The art of visualization layout is a tricky one. Once you throw more than one or two charts onto a page it can start to turn into a tricky-to-navigate hodgepodge of lines and bars where it's hard to get a sense of the hierarchy of the page. In this video we're going to show you how to build light gray backgrounds into the plot area of your charts to give your pages a clean sense of layout.

Getting Relative Month/Year Columns Into a 445 Calendar Table

By Brian Grant on 4/4/2017

Relative Month and Year columns in calendar tables are indispensable...but drop into the word of 4-4-5 fiscal calendar tables and they become much harder to create. In this video we're going to show you an easy way to generate them using a self join.

Combine CSVs and Keep Their Name

By Brian Grant on 4/3/2017

This is based on a question I got earlier this week. If you're combining a folder full of CSVs but you want to retain the name of the CSV as a column, is that possible in Power BI Get Data? Of course it is! Is it hard? Not if your lucky enough to have this video show you how it's done.