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Bullet Chart Sparklines in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 8/28/2018

In this video we'll take you through building a bullet chart measure from nothing but an SVG snippet of code. This may well become your favorite new visual, and you’ll be able to use the techniques in these videos to start thinking about how to create your own SVG sparklines and small multiples.

Building Basic SVG Sparkline/Small-Multiples Measures in DAX

By Brian Grant on 8/24/2018

With the August release of Power BI however we now have the ability to code measures as returning image urls, further we can trick this feature into return SVG images that aren't stored somewhere on the web, but are instead generated in real time for your tables and matrices. In this video we will walk you through a simple but powerful implementation that you can recreate for your own solutions.

Building a DAX Time Intelligence Inspector

By Brian Grant on 8/22/2018

In this video we'll be building a time intelligence inspector that will let us peer inside any of our time intelligence measure and for our constructed tables, show us the first and last date, as well as the number of days it has. This will enable us to quickly spot check the values in our matrix to see if the days our measure is considering match up to the time intelligence question being asked.

Bulk Rename Columns with Spaces in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 8/18/2018

In this video we're going to show you how to use a CSG built tool to generate the code that cleans all the columns names at once and lets you easily make small changes where needed.

DAX Percent of Total: A Visual Walkthrough

By Brian Grant on 8/11/2018

In this video, we take a very simple percent of total measure and let you poke behind the curtain to see what's happening internally at each step of evaluation. If you're new to DAX or you've been doing it for a while but feel your understanding is very cursory this video may help snap a lot of things into focus for you.

DAX Year to Date: A Visual Walkthrough

By Brian Grant on 8/10/2018

In this video, we take a simple YTD measure with a very simple model and walk through what's happening behind the scenes step by step so you can get a more solid understanding of how it works, which will help you understand how DAX works in general. We go through some tricky DAX concepts, but because they are laid out in front of you, they can become much easier to understand and then learn.

Portland Power BI User Group - October 2018 Meetup

By Greg Petrossian on 7/30/2018

Meetup on 10/24/18. Link to the Portland Power BI User Group Event page here.

Winning Business with Power BI

By Greg Petrossian on 4/23/2018

Presentation to the Microsoft Partner Network on client engagement best practices - how to win consulting business with Power BI.

My Transition to Business Intelligence

By Greg Petrossian on 4/23/2018

Why I left healthcare to pursue a career in business intelligence.

Set A Custom Column Type in M with Zero Extra Steps

By Brian Grant on 3/23/2018

...You could add a step to type each new column after you create it, or even type them all at the end, but both imply extra steps when what you really want to do is set the data type of the column right in the same step where you define it. In this video we are going to show you how to do exactly that and end up with code that is much cleaner and easier to read.