By Brian Grant on 3/24/2017

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List.Zip() is a strange function. It takes a list of lists, and returns a list of lists; so it sounds like it might not do anything. But to the contrary, this is a very useful function that can get you out of a bind with a pretty small number of clicks and keystrokes. A great example is having to clean several column names all at once; trickier than it sounds as you'll know if you've ever tried it; and if you've ever tried it you've probably gotten 90% of the way there and gotten stuck, lamenting "If only there was a function that handled this!". Well, this video is going to introduce you to just that function (and also squeeze in another Devo reference).

(If you've got an entire folder of CSVs that need to have their names cleaned up, you're basically going to NEED this if your sanity is something you place value in.)

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