Context Transition in DAX/Power BI: A Visual Guide

Understanding Context Transition can be super frustrating for a new Power BI user. Definitions for it seem deceptively simple, but wrapping your head around how it actually works within a DAX expression can be painfully difficult. Fear not though my fellow DAXciples, in this video we’re going to walk you through the step by step mechanics of how the Context Transition behavior of CALCULATE() can take a sad broken formula and almost magically bring it to life. What’s more, we’re going to show you the whole thing in a clean visual way to make it both easier to understand and to remember.

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Brian Grant
Brian Grant

Brian Grant is a masterful Senior Analytics Consultant by day, and a Power BI legend by night. A passion for Power BI drove him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. Brian is a constant teacher who leads Power BI training sessions, while sharing his wealth of expertise through video and blogging resources.

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