Microsoft Azure Sentinel Walk Through

RIN URE (Microsoft) – Microsoft Azure Sentinel Walk Through

Rin Ure is an Azure Advanced Threat Protection and Sentinel Senior Global Black Belt with Microsoft supporting Enterprise Customers deploying and integrating Azure’s Advanced Threat Protection Security Solutions with Azure Sentinel. He partners heavily with the Product Groups of these Solutions to bring the right features and functionality to Microsoft’s customers. His focus on SIEM + SOAR & Threat Hunting solutions within Microsoft’s Security Portfolio has allowed him to help customers embrace their journey to Cloud and join both Cloud and On-Prem solutions into their SOC Operations.

Rin joined Microsoft in 2012, 8 years ago following 6+ years of building SOC’s for both Commercial and Government Organizations within the US. Prior to his Security work, he helped work on the first Cloud based VM platform, where he partnered with Linux Kernel Developers through the code he wrote to stabilize the root kernel & emulation layer of the cloud based VM Solution he was a part of. He has helped develop Threat Hunting strategies and frameworks that customers still use today and is currently working with Microsoft’s Product Group on a new set of Hunting capabilities and features.

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