Quick Start with SVG Images for Power Apps

Would you like to have a more visually appealing app but don’t know where to start? Could you use some dynamic visuals that respond to changes in your app or data? Join us for a quick primer on the wonderful world of Scalable Vector Graphics and how to integrate them in your apps, as well as some demos of their usage in production Power Apps and Power BI reports.

Timothy Shaw is a Power Apps Superuser on the Microsoft Power Apps forums and tech department of one for a small company in the energy sector, where he utilizes the Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure SQL to develop digital solutions.

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Gregory Petrossian
Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian is the Director of Sales at CSG Pro. Having mastered skills in business intelligence, embedded analytics, cost-efficient data warehouse implementations, and custom-tailored software solutions, Greg uses his diverse expertise to help business leaders achieve data-driven goals. Greg is solution orientated and married to the success of clients, partners, and the greater community.

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