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Turning 445 Summary Tables ino Usable Calendar Tables in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 4/12/2017

...the idea with this video is to give you a sense of how many different ways there are to solve the same problem in the M language and also introduce you to one of my favorite functions, "List.Dates()".

Better Chart Backgrounds for Visual Clarity in Power BI

By Brian Grant on 4/4/2017

The art of visualization layout is a tricky one. Once you throw more than one or two charts onto a page it can start to turn into a tricky-to-navigate hodgepodge of lines and bars where it's hard to get a sense of the hierarchy of the page. In this video we're going to show you how to build light gray backgrounds into the plot area of your charts to give your pages a clean sense of layout.

Getting Relative Month/Year Columns Into a 445 Calendar Table

By Brian Grant on 4/4/2017

Relative Month and Year columns in calendar tables are indispensable...but drop into the word of 4-4-5 fiscal calendar tables and they become much harder to create. In this video we're going to show you an easy way to generate them using a self join.

Combine CSVs and Keep Their Name

By Brian Grant on 4/3/2017

This is based on a question I got earlier this week. If you're combining a folder full of CSVs but you want to retain the name of the CSV as a column, is that possible in Power BI Get Data? Of course it is! Is it hard? Not if your lucky enough to have this video show you how it's done.

Month Labels in PowerBI Direct Query Mode

By Brian Grant on 3/29/2017

With a little cleverness and some elementary math we can use the MID() function to get just what we need; in this video we'll get you hip to the solution and if you're like me it'll leave a big grin on your face for just how simple it is.

Cleaning up 100 column names at one time? List.Zip it good!

By Brian Grant on 3/24/2017

List.Zip() is a strange function. It takes a list of lists, and returns a list of lists; so it sounds like it might not do anything. But to the contrary, this is a very useful function that can get you out of a bind with a pretty small number of clicks and keystrokes.

Enabling Disabling multiple measure within a Chart using CONTAINS()

By Brian Grant on 3/24/2017

Wouldn't it be nice to let the user be able to add and remove whichever measures they want with a simple click, or add only the two they want to compare resulting in a nice uncluttered chart?

Be the first on your block to get the CSG Pro Color Theme Browser for Power BI!

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 3/11/2017

Color is a critical element of visual design and we now have the capability to easily apply custom color themes in all of our Power BI Desktop solutions. This long-awaited feature is something we have wanted and needed since the first release of Power BI Desktop. But where do we find good color themes and how can we avoid the effort required to build our own JSON theme files?

Azure Analysis Services

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 1/18/2017

This blog provides a number of useful blog links and resource sites for Azure Analysis Services

Looking Forward to Software Development in 2017

By Ken Howard on 1/18/2017

As an application developer 2016 has treated me well. The year brought us new technology and platforms allowing our team to rapidly create software at a faster pace and with greater ease than ever before.