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SSAS vs. Desktop: Why do we care?

By Rachel Dyer on 1/17/2017

Power BI Desktop keeps getting more and more powerful, and it updates every month. Why would someone want to use SSAS tabular? Read on for a (biased) blog on the virtues of SSAS tabular and why you’d want to go there.

Enable IntelliSense in JavaScript [VIDEO]

By Ken Howard on 12/6/2016

Some developers rely heavily on intelligent code completion for their development workflow. If you're developing outside of a powerful IDE like Visual Studio, you may only be aware of "smart" code completion.

Power BI: What We're Reading

By CSG Pro on 11/25/2016

In this week's round-up of Power BI related articles: Mobile Reports, Analyzing Events in DAX, Power Pivot, Simple Filter with DAX Measures, and Reference Queries and Caching in Power BI and Power Query.

Making a 445 Date Table with Power Query

By Jen Memhard on 11/19/2016

If your organization uses a 445 fiscal calendar, then you will need to write your own time-intelligence DAX functions for year-to-date, year-over-year measures in PowerBI. And for those measures to work, you need to base them on a 445-enabled date table. This post leads you through using Power Query to build a 445 date table tailored to your particular fiscal calendar.

Power BI: What We're Reading

By CSG Pro on 11/12/2016

This week we found some great Power BI articles. Topics include PowerApps, Flow, Calculated Table, Visualizations, and Azure Analysis Services.

Power BI: What We're Reading

By CSG Pro on 10/31/2016

This is the first in a series of weekly digest posts to share what we've been reading about Power BI from around the internet. Topics this week include Azure Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting, Admin Roles, Advanced Analytics, and DAX Studio.

How to add Power BI Service Administrator Role via PowerShell

By Jamie Mikami on 10/27/2016

Do you need to have administrators of your Power BI service that are not Office 365 global admins? Microsoft has just announced the new Power BI Service Administrator Role that will allow your users access to the admin-portal. This role is not yet visible in the Office Admin Portal, but you can use PowerShell to add users in your organization to this new role today.

Custom Column Transformations in Power Query

By Brian Grant on 10/20/2016

In this video we'll look at using custom function queries paired with an M code hack to get you that nice, clean, single step transformation you knew in you heart of hearts existed out there somewhere.

Transforming Nested Tables in Power Query

By Brian Grant on 10/19/2016

What's less well known is that every function that you can perform on the "outer" table, you can also perform on the "inner" table as well...

Why I Love TypeScript 2.0 And You Should Too

By Ken Howard on 10/7/2016

JavaScript has been a tremendous tool for front-end developers over the past 20 years. And with NodeJS we can leverage this powerful scripting language in new ways and on both ends of the wire. However, the more our applications are dependent on a dynamic language like JavaScript they become exponentially more fragile.