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Don't miss the 2016 Portland SQL Saturday Event!

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 10/4/2016

Once again, October brings an amazing opportunity to attend the Portland SQL Saturday event. If you have never attended, you owe it to yourself to check it out. This all day FREE event provides over sixty training sessions covering a broad range of topics relating to Microsoft's data platform. Event speakers are truly world class, coming to Portland from all over the country and abroad.

Using Direct Query - A Tale From the Trenches

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 9/30/2016

Lately I’ve been working a lot with Power BI using Direct Query. Historically, if my client was considering Direct Query mode, my automatic response was simply “Nope, bad idea”. My lack of enthusiasm was based on predictably poor query performance and limited DAX functionality in Power BI. While we are still far from Nirvana, my opinion about Direct Query is changing, becoming more positive.

A Bad Date With Internet Explorer 11: Trouble With New Unicode Characters in Javascript Date Strings

By Ted Bicknell on 8/29/2016

Internet Explorer 11 has begun wrapping the text output by the Javascript Date object's .toLocaleString() methods with Unicode characters. This new behavior has caused some trouble when parsing Dates in IE in some scenarios, as well as returning misleading string lengths. Both of these problems can make for a Very Bad Date with IE 11.

App Settings in ASP.NET Core and Azure

By Brian List on 8/25/2016

While building an ASP.NET Core app, I came across the question of how to override application settings after deploying to Azure. Here I will review how application settings are managed in ASP.NET Core and follow on through modifying those values after we deploy to Azure.

R Curious: The Why and How of R in Power BI (Recording)

By Brian Grant on 8/22/2016

In the following recording of a presentation from the Portland Power BI User Group monthly meetup, you'll get a solid understanding of how R fits into the Power BI universe, what you can do with it, and walk-through examples of using it both for bringing statistical information into your model and creating some rich R visuals.

Task and Async: Magically Wrapping Returned Objects into Tasks

By CSG Pro on 8/22/2016

A recent attempt to return a `BadRequest` in an existing WebAPI controller action method which returns a `Task<T>` failed in ways that challenged us to discover how the `System.Threading.Task` class is effectively a Promise and how it works with the async and await keywords. This post walks through our discovery and how we successfully returned a `BadRequest`.

Trailing Date Slicers

By Rachel Dyer on 8/1/2016

Learn how to use a Disconnected Slicer and DAX to let users choose the start date of a multiple period look back.

TypeScript Default Parameters and Destructuring As a Substitute for Named Parameters

By Ken Howard on 8/1/2016

Some programming languages let you define a function with default parameter values. In fact, with ES2015 we can now do very much the same thing. A nice feature in other languages that is not available in JavaScript is calling a function with named parameters. Named parameters let us quickly override default parameter values.

Power BI Embedded using Web Forms and Row Level Security

By Jamie Mikami on 7/31/2016

If you are looking for a way to spice up your old Web Form application, consider adding the power of Power BI embedded. Today I will show you the specific steps needed to add a Power BI Report to a custom Web Forms application using the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Service.

Row Level Security with Power BI Embedded using MVC

By Jamie Mikami on 7/30/2016

This blog post will show you the specific steps needed to add Row Level Security to a Power BI report in a custom web application using the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Service. Fortunately, Microsoft has provided an updated sample application using MVC using the released version of Power BI Embedded. Using this as a start we will then dive deeper and incorporate Power Bi's version of Row Level Security.