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“Current Month” and “2 Months Back” Slicers Using Relative Month Index

By Brian Grant on 7/27/2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to have slicers that say things like “Current Month”, “Next Months”, and “2 Months Back”, so that if you want to always show a window of time relative to the current month, you set the slicers once and they’ll always work? And even better have a way to add page level filters for months that don't need to be updated every month?

Power BI Architecture – Three Factors to Consider for Optimal Design

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 7/24/2016

The Microsoft Power BI platform provides a variety of architectural options for analytics solutions. These options can be “mixed and matched” as required to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. This flexibility is an obvious strength of the platform, but how does one determine which architecture configuration will best fit his or her needs?

Three modes for integrating source data with Power BI

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 7/23/2016

Get Data is perhaps the most important feature of Microsoft Power BI. After all, if you can’t effectively integrate source data with your Power BI solutions, none of the other capabilities matter.

DAX Table Functions – a short, fast look

By Rachel Dyer on 7/15/2016

Two use case scenarios to illustrate DAX Table functions and some underlying concepts --

Quick Fix: Inject Static, UTF-8 HTML Content With Byte Order Marks into MVC Razor Views

By Ted Bicknell on 4/1/2016

Injecting text files encoded as UTF-8 with the Byte Order Mark (BOM) into MVC Views can result the characters "" appearing in the rendered output. This post describes one approach for removing the BOM bytes when injecting text encoded with a BOM into MVC Views.

User Adoption and ROI Go Hand-in-Hand

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 11/16/2015

Knowledge is power, but only to the extent that it is actionable. Billions of dollars are invested every year in BI and analytics, but what is the actual ROI that organizations receive from this investment? Few would argue that investing in business analytics is a bad idea, but with a 26% user adoption rate for BI solutions ...

Power BI: What's in a Name?

By Rachel Dyer on 5/5/2015

Confused about where Power BI Designer and Power BI Service fit into the larger Power BI offering? You’re not alone. Rachel Dyer takes a broad look at how the evolving platform and where things may be going.

DataZen Acquisition

By Ron Ellis Gaut on 4/29/2015

Datazen is now owned by Microsoft. What is Microsoft thinking? Why do we care? In this blog I explore these intriguing question and more.

Exploring Angular Material

By Ken Howard on 3/20/2015

A brief overview of Angular Material, a mix of Google's Material Design language and AngularJS directives. We'll look at some of the most interesting parts, but there's plenty more to explore.

Top 7 Problems CSG Pro Solves for Clients

By CSG Pro on 3/17/2015

Most often, our clients and new prospects ask us for help with improving relationships with external or internal customers, or making their employees more productive. Here are 7 common problems we see and solve every day.