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Tips and Tricks: Handy String Extension Methods

By CSG Pro on 3/2/2015

For better or worse, a lot of my life as a developer is spent writing code to manipulate strings. I perform the same operations so frequently I have (along with my coworkers) come up with some handy string extension methods that you might find useful as well.

The Best Way to Setup AngularJS Controllers: The Basics

By Ken Howard on 1/14/2015

Most AngularJS tutorials lead new developers down a dark and narrow path. Once your app has more than a few controllers and templates, things start to break down and you'll end up refactoring the entire application.

Power BI for Rapid Prototyping

By Rachel Dyer on 9/29/2014

Use Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View to speed up your data modeling and reporting prototyping.

Case Study: Schnitzer Steel Website Redesign

By CSG Pro on 6/3/2014

As a longtime partner, CSG Pro was intimately familiar with the Schnitzer brand and brought a fluency of applicable programming languages and a wealth of experience migrating and integrating old and new technologies for Schnitzer.

CSG Pro Reviews BUILD 2014

By CSG Pro on 4/14/2014

CSG Pro attends and reviews BUILD 2014 announcements, keynote, sessions and giveaways.

Nearing Real-Time

By CSG Pro on 12/30/2013

The demand for high speed web applications is on the rise. Learn about one of the main technologies that's making it possible.

Windows 8.1 Pro Tips for the New User

By CSG Pro on 12/11/2013

The new operating system from Microsoft that re-imagines how, where, and what users expect from a computer. There are so many additions to the way users interact with this new platform that it can seem like a daunting challenge to take advantage of all the new features it has to offer. We have a few tips and tricks to help users navigate the experience.

JavaScript Validation with jQuery Validation and Knockout

By CSG Pro on 11/6/2013

This post illustrates one approach to using jQuery Validate to perform validation of forms that contain input controls dynamically generated using Knockout.js.

TFS Publishing with Azure Web Sites – Part 3

By CSG Pro on 11/4/2013

The third and final part of this series describes an approach to handling configuration of development and production resources such as database connection strings, making sure developers work in the development database but the published application automatically uses the production environment.

TFS Publishing with Azure Web Sites – Part 2

By CSG Pro on 10/15/2013

The second part in a three-part series, this part covers how to setup and maintain separate development and release branches of a project in Team Foundation Service and how to setup automated builds for the different branches.