DAX Diaries: Thinking in Tables

Dear DAX Diary, If you even scratch the surface of DAX literature, you’ll run into variations on the following theme: DAX is a language of tables. In DAX, a filter is a table. With DAX, you need to “think in tables.” If you’re a database developer, it’s not such a great leap. But for a […]

DAX Tutorial: The Most Important Practice For New DAX Developers

dax tutorial

I have no idea if this is really how it went down, but as I imagine the creators of DAX sitting around a board (ping pong?) table making design decisions, I see two camps evolving…sort of the Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson divide reenacted. I imagine the minimalists, who advocated that the 80 million people who live […]

DAX Tutorial: Understand the Elements to Demystify DAX

dax tutorial

Each of us struggles with DAX in different ways. The language is so elegant, so elusive and maddeningly Houdini-like, that anyone who works it long enough comes to love it. But progress comes in fits and starts. One week you think you have got it and the next you get a problem that throws you […]

Order of Evaluation in DAX & Variables

Portland Power BI User Group

RACHEL DYER (CSG Pro)   Rachel Dyer is the Vice President of Analytics at CSG Pro with in-depth expertise of the Microsoft BI stack and dimensional modeling. She has a broad management background and strong communications skills, coupled with considerable technical experience in platform implementation. She is more commonly known as the Queen of DAX […]

SSAS vs. Desktop: Why do we care?

I’m a fan of SSAS, so you should know that up front. But I’m also working with clients who (a) need to keep their data on premise (health care, banking), and who (b) are large enterprises. If I had to move those clients to a Desktop-only platform, I’d feel it was a step backward. Notice […]

Trailing Date Slicers

This is a cool trick that goes hand in hand with Relative Month Index. It shows how to include a slicer that lets the user choose which month they want to start a 24 month look back in. Users love 12 or 24 month graphs that let them see history. But sometimes they want to […]

DAX Table Functions – a short, fast look

If you want to understand DAX, sooner or later you’re going to have to deep dive into Table Functions. The SQL BI guys Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari train people in Table Functions before CALCULATE. And for good reason. If I’ve learned anything about DAX, it’s that you should start simple to understand complex concepts. I did […]

Power BI: What’s in a Name?

Of all the great things about the new Power BI, there’s one thing not so loveable, and that is the confusion introduced by using the same term to mean yet another thing. If you go by the powerbi.com site, you get the impression “Power BI” refers specifically to Power BI Services plus Power BI Designer – the […]

Power BI for Rapid Prototyping

We’ve blogged earlier on the 60,000 -feet level overview of Power BI and what there is to like about it. This blog is a follow-on with a particular angle. I’m going to make a case that Power BI is a great set of tools for speeding up database modeling and rapid prototyping. That’s true whether […]