CSG Pro is Now SkyPoint CSG

As we step into the new year, we step forward as a new brand: SkyPoint Cloud Solutions Group (CSG). Here’s how we’re shifting our approach and our services.

CSG Pro Recognized by Microsoft as a Power BI Showcase Partner

CSG Microsoft Gold Partner

For several years now CSG Pro has been the leading proponent of Power BI in Portland. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years and we are delighted to receive the recognition by Microsoft for our accomplishments and become a Power BI Showcase Partner. We are now listed Power BI Partner Directory. Visit […]

Be the first on your block to get the CSG Pro Color Theme Browser for Power BI!

Color is a critical element of visual design and we now have the capability to easily apply custom color themes in all of our Power BI Desktop solutions. This long-awaited feature is something we have wanted and needed since the first release of Power BI Desktop. But to really take advantage of this where do […]

Azure Analysis Services

I was both delighted and intrigued when Microsoft announced in Q4 of 2016 that Azure Analysis Services was available for community preview. I currently have several clients who don’t want to add more on-premises infrastructure, but could clearly benefit from having a unified semantic layer that SSAS provides. With SSAS available as a cloud service, […]

Don’t miss the 2016 Portland SQL Saturday Event!

Once again, October brings an amazing opportunity to attend the Portland SQL Saturday event. If you have never attended, you owe it to yourself to check it out. This all day FREE event provides over sixty training sessions covering a broad range of topics relating to Microsoft’s data platform. Event speakers are truly world class, […]

Using Direct Query – A Tale From the Trenches

Lately I’ve been working a lot with Power BI using Direct Query. Historically, if my client was considering Direct Query mode, my automatic response was simply “Nope, bad idea”. My lack of enthusiasm was based on predictably poor query performance and limited DAX functionality in Power BI. While we are still far from Nirvana, my […]

Power BI Architecture – Three Factors to Consider for Optimal Design

The Microsoft Power BI platform provides a variety of architectural options for analytics solutions. These options can be “mixed and matched” as required to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. This flexibility is an obvious strength of the platform, but how does one determine which architecture configuration will best fit his or her needs? In […]

Three modes for integrating source data with Power BI

Get Data is perhaps the most important feature of Microsoft Power BI. After all, if you can’t effectively integrate source data with your Power BI solutions, none of the other capabilities matter. There are really two aspects of Get Data. The first is selecting your data source and the second is selecting the type of […]

User Adoption and ROI Go Hand-in-Hand

Knowledge is power, but only to the extent that it is actionable. Billions of dollars are invested every year in BI and analytics, but what is the actual ROI that organizations receive from this investment? Few would argue that investing in business analytics is a bad idea, but with a 26% user adoption rate for […]