CSG Pro Acquired by Longtime Partner SkyPoint Cloud

On behalf of all of the CSG Pro data wizards, I’m excited to share that CSG Pro has finalized an agreement to be acquired by our longtime partner, the privacy-first customer data platform, SkyPoint Cloud.

After 28 years since our founding, this is a monumental event for CSG Pro. Our team is thrilled about this incredible opportunity to deliver even more value to our loyal clients and community who we are honored to serve.

SkyPoint helps some of the most innovative consumer and healthcare brands use data to deliver better customer and patient experiences. As longtime partners of SkyPoint, we’ve gotten to appreciate their team’s innovative and collaborative spirit firsthand.

The vision for this partnership is simple. CSG Pro will continue delivering solutions as we always have—nothing will change about the types of projects we take on or how we work with our clients.

The only difference is that now we’ll have an additional “arrow in the quiver” to help clients seeking to build a unified and secure view of their customers. Like you, we know firsthand how essential it is to have reporting, personalization, and applications powered by clean and accurate customer data profiles.

SkyPoint also has a deep existing investment in the Microsoft ecosystem, with much of their SaaS platform’s technology built atop Microsoft Azure and Databricks. SkyPoint is the only customer data platform to leverage Microsoft’s common data model (CDM) for data interoperability.

As Microsoft Gold partners and tireless champions of Power BI, our partnership with SkyPoint will further extend our capabilities and our mission to support our clients.

We’re proud to be joining forces with SkyPoint. Across industries, our clients are universally seeking to build more data-driven relationships with their customers—while safeguarding the privacy of customer data. As part of the SkyPoint team, we know that we can help them deliver on that vision.

One more thing…to our incredible clients and community who are reading this right now…CSG Pro is still the great team you know and love. We’re overjoyed to start this new journey with you all. Thank you.

For more information, be sure to read the press release from the SkyPoint team. If you want to hear more about the benefits of SkyPoint (or, if you’re excited to celebrate this big win with us), reach out to the CSG Pro team.

Ron Ellis Gaut

Ron Ellis Gaut

Ron Ellis Gaut is the Founder and President of CSG Pro, and he has been deeply involved in all aspects of the company for over 24 years. A software developer in a former life, Ron has always thrived on transforming ideas into tangible products. Founding CSG Pro was a natural progression in his career. Every day Ron seizes the opportunity to work hands-on with his talented team, developing valuable business solutions and guiding clients toward reaching new levels of success.
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