DAX Table Functions – a short, fast look

If you want to understand DAX, sooner or later you’re going to have to deep dive into Table Functions. The SQL BI guys Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari train people in Table Functions before CALCULATE. And for good reason.

If I’ve learned anything about DAX, it’s that you should start simple to understand complex concepts. I did that in these videos, which I hope helps.

Both of these videos are based roughly on training examples from the SQL BI group’s DAX training. If you can go to that training, do. It’s great. If you can’t go to the training, go to their site or read their book, DAX: The Definitive Guide by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari.

DAX Table Functions Part 2 – a short, fast look

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer is the VP of Analytics, but she is more commonly known as the Queen of DAX. With over 20 years of experience in data warehouse design and execution, Rachel has in-depth expertise of the Microsoft BI stack and dimensional modeling. She combines her strong communication skills with her technical experience in platform implementation to help clients overcome their data challenges.
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