Dynamic Measures, Calculation Groups, and Page Navigation in Power BI

Disconnected Tables plays a vital role when it comes to Data Modeling in Power BI. Now, with the introduction of Calculation Groups and Tabulator editor, Dynamic Formatting is easy.

In this session, Ajay will demonstrate a practical solution of Dynamic Measures, Dynamic Formatting Using Calculation Groups & Dynamic Page Navigation with RLS in Power BI which would make your day-to-day Power BI work easy!

Ajay Kumar has more than 10 years of IT experience in the Healthcare, Banking & Finance industry with deep knowledge and experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, he is handling a popular Youtube channel, “BI Consulting Pro” (www.youtube.com/c/biconsultingpro) where tutorial videos about Power BI tips and tricks are shared weekly.

Portland Power BI User Group

Portland Power BI User Group

The Portland Power BI User Group is a community of people excited about the business analytics tool, Power BI. We believe the platform offers rich possibilities, and we keep pace by sharing our learning and doing deep-dive explorations of topics. We run the gamut from new to experienced users and welcome anyone who shares an interest in data analytics. Some great perks to joining our monthly meetups are networking, knowledge transfer, and community building. We aim to foster a vibrant community that shares success in implementing best practices for Power BI. Complimentary pizza and refreshments are served at every meetup.
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