Efficiency Improvements in PBI Datasets: What We’ve Learned

When working with large PBI Datasets, complex calculations, and many different dashboards, speed and efficiency become increasingly important. Knowing how to identify performance-crashing artifacts and knowing where to position that logic is key to keeping resource costs low and refresh times fast.

DataDx provides cloud-based analytics tools to help medical and dental practices understand their business and make data-driven decisions. Power BI Embedded is core to their product, which they provide to diverse clients of all sizes. Ben Lawrence & Ahmed Abualsoud lead the Power BI work for DataDx and have a passion for making valuable, efficient dashboards that scale.

Ben Lawrence is the Manager of Analytics at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics, informatics, and healthcare. Ben enjoys working in Power BI and Python, snowboarding, and hanging out with his dogs. Ahmed Abualsoud is a Business Analyst at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics and healthcare. Ahmed enjoys visualizing data using Power BI, cooking, and playing soccer.

Portland Power BI User Group

Portland Power BI User Group

The Portland Power BI User Group is a community of people excited about the business analytics tool, Power BI. We believe the platform offers rich possibilities, and we keep pace by sharing our learning and doing deep-dive explorations of topics. We run the gamut from new to experienced users and welcome anyone who shares an interest in data analytics. Some great perks to joining our monthly meetups are networking, knowledge transfer, and community building. We aim to foster a vibrant community that shares success in implementing best practices for Power BI. Complimentary pizza and refreshments are served at every meetup.
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