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Trailing Date Slicers

This is a cool trick that goes hand in hand with Relative Month Index. It shows how to include a slicer that lets the user choose which month they want to start a 24 month look back in. Users love 12 or

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Row Level Security with Power BI Embedded using MVC

This blog post will show you the specific steps needed to add a Power BI Report to a custom web application using the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Service and configure Row Level Security. Fortunately, Microsoft has provided an updated sample application using

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DAX Table Functions – a short, fast look

If you want to understand DAX, sooner or later you’re going to have to deep dive into Table Functions. The SQL BI guys Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari train people in Table Functions before CALCULATE. And for good reason. If I’ve learned anything about

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User Adoption and ROI Go Hand-in-Hand

Knowledge is power, but only to the extent that it is actionable. Billions of dollars are invested every year in BI and analytics, but what is the actual ROI that organizations receive from this investment? Few would argue that investing in business

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Power BI: What’s in a Name?

Of all the great things about the new Power BI, there’s one thing not so loveable, and that is the confusion introduced by using the same term to mean yet another thing. If you go by the site, you get the impression “Power

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