Power Apps 3D and Mixed Reality

On April 1st, 2020 Microsoft announced the availability of Mixed Reality components in Power Apps Canvas. Even though these features are in experimental mode, it’s not a bad idea to start getting familiar with them. Join Daniel Christian, a Microsoft MVP as he walks you through a number of mixed reality (MR) components for canvas apps that support multiple 3D and mixed reality scenarios. These scenarios include:

  • View and manipulate 3D content.
  • Overlay 3D content and 2D images onto the feed from the camera.
  • Measure distance, area, and volume using your device with MR.
  • Identify spaces in the real world through an MR overlay.

Daniel Christian is recognized by Microsoft for writing blogs and videos in the Power Platform Community regarding the Power Platform and its integration with Azure Cognitive Services, Mixed Reality, OneDrive, SharePoint and SQL. As an active speaker and influencer at events and social media, Daniel demonstrates his passion of being a big proponent of sharing his knowledge and experience.

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian is the Director of Sales at CSG Pro. Having mastered skills in business intelligence, embedded analytics, cost-efficient data warehouse implementations, and custom-tailored software solutions, Greg uses his diverse expertise to help business leaders achieve data-driven goals. Greg is solution orientated and married to the success of clients, partners, and the greater community.
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