Power BI and NLG: How to Incorporate into your Power BI Report

Ever wanted to provide dynamic narratives that describe what is happening within your data? Chris will show you how you can use both out of the box Natural Language Generation (NLG) and how you can leverage top ranked vendor products to do just that.

Chris is the founder of Kratos BI, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Analytics Architect for Rockwell Automation.

Chris has been working in the Data and Analytics space for nearly 20 years. Chris has dedicated his professional career to making data and information accessible to the masses. A significant component in making data available is continually learning new things and teaching others from these experiences. To help people keep up with this ever-changing landscape, Chris frequently posts on LinkedIn and to this blog.

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian is the Director of Sales at CSG Pro. Having mastered skills in business intelligence, embedded analytics, cost-efficient data warehouse implementations, and custom-tailored software solutions, Greg uses his diverse expertise to help business leaders achieve data-driven goals. Greg is solution orientated and married to the success of clients, partners, and the greater community.
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