Trailing Date Slicers

This is a cool trick that goes hand in hand with Relative Month Index. It shows how to include a slicer that lets the user choose which month they want to start a 24 month look back in. Users love 12 or 24 month graphs that let them see history. But sometimes they want to choose the month they start their look-back from. Here’s how you do that with DAX and Disconnected Slicers. Credit goes to Brian Grant for the solution with a few modifications made by the rest of us along the way!

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer is the VP of Analytics, but she is more commonly known as the Queen of DAX. With over 20 years of experience in data warehouse design and execution, Rachel has in-depth expertise of the Microsoft BI stack and dimensional modeling. She combines her strong communication skills with her technical experience in platform implementation to help clients overcome their data challenges.
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