By CSG Pro on 7/1/2016

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Do you love data? Do you love the alchemy of transforming data into useful information? Are you intrigued and impressed by Microsoft’s array of technologies for building BI and Analytics solutions? Do you like to get your hands dirty designing and building BI solutions using the full Microsoft technology stack? Do you enjoy consulting with clients to craft custom BI solutions? Would you enjoy working downtown in the Pearl District?

If yes is your answer to these questions, maybe becoming part of the CSG Pro team is in your future.

It’s time to add another excellent person to our BI team. Is that you? Here’s what we are looking for:

First, you must have a passion for data. Second, you must love learning, even if it means moving outside your comfort zone. You are smart, but more importantly, you are resourceful. You have experience designing and building BI and Analytics solutions using Microsoft technologies. You are a bit of a data geek - you get databases and all the interesting related technologies. You understand data modeling and SQL is your native language. You can explain Big Data in three sentences. You are technically skilled and also a people person. And you have a strong sense of service.

We don’t have a long list of bullet point requirements. Our recruiting process is more organic than that. The work we do is mostly about people. Technology and the knowledge of how to apply it is how we are in service to our clients. Sound like fun? Maybe we should get together over coffee and explore the possibilities.

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###About CSG Pro

CSG Pro is a boutique consulting firm that has been providing custom business solutions for clients for over 20 years. We are a privately held, profitable firm that has grown up in Portland, serving mostly local clients. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in BI/Analytics, Application Development, Windows Azure and SharePoint. We love what we do, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Located in the vibrant Pearl District, we fully enjoy being in the cultural heart of the city. The neighborhood is bike friendly with great food, shops, galleries and all the best coffee shops. We look forward to hearing from you.