Application Development for Your Unique Needs​

In terms of technology and business complexity, your organization functions like most organizations…in a constant state of flux. Off-the-shelf software has its time and place, but sometimes you need a solution with more elegance and power.

CSG’s custom software development services have your unique needs covered. No matter how disjointed your systems and processes are at this particular moment, we build custom software solutions that make business operations cohesive and efficient.

We Build Your Enterprise Platform, SaaS Product, or Web App

Every enterprise platform, SaaS product, and web app has room for improvement. Over time you notice blind spots, you realize systems aren’t talking to each other, and you see underperformance from your most prized technologies—something that should not be happening.

CSG assesses your existing systems, then develops custom software that remedies your biggest pain points. You need the glue that holds everything together. Our team will build a custom software solution that integrates your technologies and elevates your capabilities.

CSG Platform as Service

Platform as Service

Forget infrastructure or virtualization…our apps are built on the cloud platform to bring you limitless scalability.

Cloud-Based Architecture

We optimize data infrastructure in the cloud to improve data latency and the app experience.

CSG DevOps

Azure DevOps

We provide full transparency and insights into our build process, so you know where the ship is heading.

CSG API Integration

API Integration

We are experts in working with APIs of all stripes and getting them to do what your team needs.

Collaborative Custom Software Development

Custom software development is often the missing piece in business intelligence efforts. But, it’s rare when an organization has the time or resources to build a custom software solution that checks all the boxes. Together, with your team, CSG combines skillset superpowers.

Blended teams are an effective way to develop business-critical applications that give your organization a competitive edge. Maybe your team has the right skills, but they don’t have the time. Or, your team has skills in other areas and they need mentoring on the latest technologies. Either way, throughout the custom software development process, your team’s input is our North Star.

CSG Software collaboration

Improve Efficiency with Custom Software Solutions

When processes and technologies are outdated, your team notices…and so do your clients. CSG accelerates the delivery of a critical line of business custom applications with high-touch and complete transparency. We are avid practitioners of Agile methodologies to keep you apprised of status and budget along the full lifecycle.

Using only the latest technology, CSG custom software solutions are accessible at any time, from any device, to support your team on the go. With a tailored development approach to your data and analytics needs, you’ll improve efficiency for the long-haul.

“As a startup, our requirements often shift as the product or business strategy evolves. CSG kept up with these fast-changing requirements seamlessly. They deeply understood who we are as a company and what our goals were. As the project owner, I regularly presented what I'd developed with CSG to my team and CEO—they were always delighted with the results. CSG certainly made me (and the company) look good!”

Anais C.

Custom Software Development Expertise

An active Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, we’re experts in both the custom software development lifecycle and Agile development. We combine Microsoft and open source technologies to create custom software solutions. Above all, we achieve successful outcomes by delighting our clients and emphasizing collaboration.

CSG Microsoft Gold Partner

Solve unique challenges with CSG custom software development services.