Prioritize and Achieve Your Data Strategy

Is your organization looking to modernize its digital footprint? Need to update your data infrastructure, but don’t know where to start? Are you sitting on valuable data scratching your head on how to leverage it internally or monetize it externally?

Work with our seasoned consultant strategists to have a “gut-check” on your current data environment, chart your path, and successfully take ownership (or control?) of your organization’s destiny.


Identify data weaknesses and opportunities, then prioritize next steps for critical business needs.


Develop a roadmap that brings more cohesiveness and clarity to your data ecosystem and teams.


Rally teams around a governance plan with achievable goals, so everyone takes ownership and progresses.


Integrate systems and solve unique challenges with a deliberate plan and supportive architecture.

Assess and Prioritize

Running your data pipelines or DevOps correctly? Getting the most value out of your data? If you have a data strategy framework…is it even achievable? Your assessment is gut-check time.

Whether we review a specific application or high-level environment, the CSG Pro team assesses the maturity of your data landscape and performs a thorough gap analysis to identify weaknesses and opportunities. Our strategists go beyond next-step recommendations by helping you prioritize based on critical business needs.

Map the Strategy

You’ve always wanted to prioritize your data infrastructure and systems. You’re getting there—you just need the right sequence of next steps, along with a data strategy roadmap.

Oftentimes, a cohesive organizational strategy is lacking since the data ecosystem is shared between IT and business units. Leveraging decades of industry and technology expertise, CSG Pro brings CDO-level experience to your team, helping you develop a strategic roadmap that gets you from zero to data-driven.

CSG Data Warehousing

Rally Around Governance

Every organization wants a data governance plan in place, but it’s a constant question of how. Specifically, how do we make progress by aligning governance with our roadmap?

No single person or department owns data governance…it’s a distributed responsibility. Which is why we take a pragmatic and collaborative approach at CSG Pro. Using tools like Power BI and Azure Purview to get the job done, we rally teams around realistic goals so you accomplish stronger data governance protocols together.

Draft the Blueprint

You know your critical needs to address, but how do you execute the master plan for your data strategy? Most importantly, how much will this master plan cost you?

Even the most inconceivable skyscraper began with a blueprint. To achieve your data strategy, you need the blueprint for a production-ready solution before pulling the trigger. CSG Pro’s experienced architects figure out the appropriate plan, conceptual architecture, and transparent cost model that will integrate complex systems and solve unique business challenges.

“CSG Pro treated our platform as if it were their own and they treated us as if we were one team working together. The thought and consideration that went into every decision were beyond what we expected from a development partner. They understand high-level goals and what success should look like.”

Glen L.

Let us be your Chief Data Officer and we’ll help your team win with data.