Agile Data Warehouse Design Online Training

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Agile Data Warehouse Design Online Training

September 22nd - September 24th

Agile Data Warehouse Design

We at CSG Pro are long-time proponents of the data modelstorming methodologies and are ecstatic to promote Lawrence’s online training conveniently scheduled for our Pacific Time Zone. This is a fantastic opportunity!


Join Lawrence Corr, author of the DW/BI bestseller “Agile Data Warehouse Design” live online for a three-day BEAM✲ workshop and data modelstorming masterclass covering the latest agile techniques for systematically gathering Business Intelligence (BI) requirements and designing effective analytical databases and datasets in person and at distance.

Discover how modelstorming (modeling + brainstorming) with business stakeholders overcomes the limitations of traditionally separate requirements analysis and data modeling to create a shared data language for business and IT.

Over three days of engaging virtual classroom sessions, quizzes, games and team exercises, Lawrence will build on Kimball method, industry-standard dimensional modeling and go beyond the books to provide you with practical tools and techniques for BI data design.

The class will be live and interactive on Zoom. Every attendee will be able to practice BEAM modestorming techniques in teams with 2 or 3 other remote attendees using Zoom Breakout Rooms and Miro visual collaboration boards instead of physical whiteboards and Post-its. The class size will be limited to 16 attendees.

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