By CSG Pro on 8/15/2017

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WHEN: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 6:00 PM

WHERE: CSG Pro World Headquarters, 734 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR

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Road-tested design principles

Not many of us data nerds have degrees in graphic design, so we’re learning as we go. Rachel Dyer will present a show-and-tell of what she’s done with visuals with one large client to simplify layout, keep a clean design, and maximize reusability. She will show designs that have been road-tested with clients who are not used to looking at numbers via visual, and explain how we’ve all been learning in the process.

Context Transition in DAX/Power BI: A Visual Guide

Understanding Context Transition can be super frustrating for a new Power BI user. Definitions for it seem deceptively simple, but wrapping your head around how it actually works within a DAX expression can be painfully difficult. Fear not though my fellow DAXciples, in this presentation Brian Grant is going to walk you through the step by step mechanics of how the Context Transition behavior of CALCULATE() works, and how it can take a sad, broken formula and almost magically bring it to life. What's more, he's going to show you the whole thing in a clean visual way, making it easier both to understand and to remember. If you want to up your DAX game, this is a presentation not to be missed.

Who’s on First? Order of Evaluation in DAX

Did you know that CALCULATETABLE() has a different order of evaluation than FILTER()? Do you sense that order of evaluation is important, but are not 100% sure why? Rachel Dyer will dig into this topic with the goal of delivering some simple rules of thumb. She’ll use DAX Studio in the process, so if you’d like to see that in action, you’ll get that as well.

Embedded apps using the new Power BI API

Microsoft recently release a new version of the Power BI API. This is a significant change for how we will implement embedded apps going forward. Previously, building embedded apps required using the Power BI Embed Service which had its own API. Going forward, embedding is done with Power BI Premium capacity licensing. The API for embedding has been integrated with the existing Power BI developer API. CSG Pro’s own Jamie Mikami will provide an overview and demo of the new way of doing embedded apps.