TypeScript Open Forum

By CSG Pro on 5/31/2016

Join us for our May meeting where we'll be hosting an "open forum". This event will be live streamed on Google Hangouts. Join us online if you can't make it to the event in Portland!

Review what's new, Power Query Presentation, DAX, Tips and Tricks

By CSG Pro on 5/18/2016

Brian Grant, community member, will be doing a Power Query (aka Get Data) presentation. Check out his YouTube channel, it's awesome. Rachel "DAXie" Dyer will be doing a DAX presentation (she just got back from a three day fling with Marco Russo and has got that DAX after glow going on). We'll invite you to share your tips and tricks.

NativeScript - Build Truly Native Mobile Apps with TypeScript

By CSG Pro on 4/26/2016

Join us for our April meeting where Nathan Walker will be presenting "NativeScript - Build Truly Native Mobile Apps with TypeScript".

Action Packed April Power BI Meeting

By CSG Pro on 4/20/2016

Chuck had so much fun last month, he's coming back this month, and, he'll be bringing Jeremy Barksdale from the Power BI development team. Jeremy will be exposing us to some new unreleased feature designs. We'll play stump the chump.

Review Data Summits and Deep Dive on two DAX topics

By CSG Pro on 3/30/2016

DAX topics 2, maybe 3, time permitting ... In other words, we'll be getting pretty geeky.

TypeScript on Node.js

By CSG Pro on 3/29/2016

Join us for our March meeting where Peter Snider will be presenting "TypeScript on Node.js".

Using TypeScript Decorators with Angular

By CSG Pro on 2/23/2016

Join us for our February meeting where James Churchill will be presenting "Using TypeScript Decorators with Angular".

Learn from Paul Turley - Data Modeling Practices and Calculations using Power BI

By CSG Pro on 2/17/2016

Data is rarely perfectly clean and reliable so how can you mash-up information obtained from different sources to ensure that it is a reliable basis for making business decisions? Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Paul Turley in a discussion and demonstration of real-world best practices for modeling data in Power BI.

Up and Running with TypeScript Hands-On Workshop

By CSG Pro on 1/28/2016

Are you interested in using TypeScript on an existing or new project? Are you unsure of how to get started? Have you struggled to get your toolchain setup properly? Come join us for a hands-on workshop, where we'll work with you to get up and running with TypeScript!

Discuss Power BI and the implications of SQL Server 2016

By CSG Pro on 1/6/2016

The meeting agenda will include: • Introductions • What's new in Power BI • Implications of SQL Server 2016 release for Power BI • Tips and Tricks (bring your favorites to share with the group)