Patient-Centric Data Solutions for Healthcare

SkyPoint CSG helps B2B vendors and service providers in the healthcare industry deliver high-quality outcomes while fulfilling patient needs.

Digitalizing the Healthcare Experience

We help vendors and providers in the healthcare industry deliver products and services that expedite care, reduce testing time and cost, and save patient lives.

We develop solutions that scale and automate processes and deliver a seamless customer experience while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements to solve immediate challenges as we pave the way to long-term success.

“The characteristic that sets Skypoint CSG apart is their ability to be flexible. We're a startup. Sometimes priorities come up that you weren't anticipating for a few months. All of a sudden you need something now—and we know CSG is there to help us out.”

Anais Concepcion

Director of Content and Digital Campaigns

Flexible Technologies Fulfill Diverse Needs

Whether you serve individual patients, single physician practices, or universities and networked hospitals, we help you deliver an efficient and outstanding experience.

Personalize Interactions

Deliver the most appropriate information based on the patient’s profile and location data.

Increase Cost-Efficiency

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and data entry tasks to minimize costly errors and delays.

Support Globalization

Build customized portal experiences to deliver relevant information to patients worldwide.

Improve Security

Develop customized functionalities without losing sight of regulatory compliance standards.

Consultant Spotlight

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer is the VP of Analytics, but she is more commonly known as the Queen of DAX. With over 20 years of experience in data warehouse design and execution, Rachel has in-depth expertise in the Microsoft BI stack and dimensional modeling. She combines strong communication skills with technical experience in platform implementation to help clients overcome their data challenges.

The Future of Care is Now

Healthcare is a competitive market. Vendors and providers must meet customer demands and streamline operations to stay relevant and profitable. Skypoint CSG helps you lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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