Microsoft .NET

In today’s interconnected world, data security and data privacy are critical. Microsoft .NET is constantly evolving—the CSG team keeps up with these rapid changes so you don’t have to. Using Agile methodologies, we leverage the .NET platform to make your data processes better and make your organization stronger.

Microsoft .NET enables high-quality rapid application development with Intellisense and standardization features to enhance coding speed and readability. CSG develops custom software that acts as a bridge between various software and data systems to help you securely and efficiently collect, organize, and validate your data before storing it on your systems.

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Custom Solutions for Better Data Processes

Microsoft .NET is a robust development platform that enables efficient app-building for web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and IoT. Here at CSG, we are experts in the Software Development Lifecycle and Agile methodologies—and .NET lets us make the most of that experience. To achieve the best results, we place high importance on collaboration with your team.

The .NET platform is the heart of most of our applications. It allows us to work efficiently with your processes, as well as your development teams and any future people working on the project. The wide adoption and large .NET community of developers helps to ensure that your applications are maintained well into the future.

When new features are needed, Microsoft .NET leverages NuGet Packages to extend functionality with a nearly endless supply of features. Using the latest Microsoft and open source technologies, CSG develops modern intuitive web applications. Your team wins through improved internal and external processes.

Our Microsoft .NET Capabilities

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