Portland Power BI User Group Signup

How to join the PowerBIUG platform:

      1. Visit: https://www.pbiusergroup.com/portland
      2. Click “SIGN UP FOR FREE” in the top right-hand corner
      3. Follow prompts to register
      4. Once you finish signing up and agree to terms, re-visit: https://www.pbiusergroup.com/portland
      5. Click “JOIN USER GROUP”

The PowerBIUG platform is a community where you will be involved in BI discussions and get to vote on presentation topics. Sign up to receive user group specific notifications.

When you join our thriving business intelligence community, you’ll engage with fellow Power BI users in a knowledge-filled, pizza-scented space. You’ll walk away with stronger skills and more confidence in your role. #PowerBIUGLife

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