Data Strategy and App Development for Retail

SkyPoint CSG helps retail brands develop customized apps to generate market insights, streamline reporting, reduce IT workloads, and improve customer experience.

Streamline Reporting For Better Business Outcomes

We implement data strategies and develop customized apps to help you improve reporting management, increase data visibility, and leverage business intelligence to guide your operations.

Our IT-trusted solutions allow new users to get up and running in no time. Your team will spend less time wrangling with reporting and more time leveraging insights to connect with customers and deliver an outstanding brand experience.

“Everybody wants one source of truth, but we were coming from a reporting environment where we literally had thousands of reports. CSG’s Power BI Embedded App Template streamlined reporting and made workflows easier for our retailers and sales reps.”

Tim Oligmueller

Global Sales Force Automation Manager

Smart Data Strategies Supported By User-Centric Technologies

Manage multiple locations, coordinate retailers, and support sales reps with data-driven insights.

Coordinate Global Operations

Unify reporting throughout the organization to give every team access to comprehensive business intelligence.

Increase Cost-Efficiency

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and data entry tasks to minimize costly errors and delays.

Reduce Licensing Costs

Structure your reporting system to reduce resource needs and the number of Power BI licenses.

Personalize User Experience

Show users only what they need to see to minimize confusion and improve information security.

Consultant Spotlight

Brian Grant

Brian Grant is a masterful Senior Analytics Consultant by day and a Power BI legend by night. A passion for Power BI drove him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. Brian is a constant teacher who leads Power BI training sessions, while sharing his wealth of expertise through video and blogging resources.

The Power of Data at Your Fingertips

Retail brands need data-driven insights to meet customer demands while improving operational cost-efficiency to stay relevant and profitable in today’s competitive environments. SkyPoint CSG helps you turn data into action.

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