SkyPoint Cloud

SkyPoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform makes information more accessible, reliable, valuable, and tangible. A strong data culture is only possible when people have quick access to high-quality data so they can make a lasting organizational impact.

Our Modern Data Stack Platform closes the gap between individuals and information by delivering a scalable, intelligent, and extensible data infrastructure.

SkyPoint supports the use of data without sacrificing security, governance, and integrity. Its seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem and the Power Platform helps you turn data from disparate sources into insights and actions.

In conjunction, SkyPoint CSG’s professional services will help architect your data estate to make the most of your SkyPoint investment or help build custom solutions leveraging your data on the platform.

Modernize Your Data Tech Stack with SkyPoint

SkyPoint’s Lakehouse consolidates and standardizes data from any source with customer information to stitch together a 360-view of your customer journey. Leverage unified customer profiles to segment audiences and deliver personalized experiences.

SkyPoint Vault’s zero-trust architecture ensures the highest level of data security so your team works efficiently with customer data without breaking privacy laws. Consent management features empower your customers to take control of their privacy and ensure that you’re staying compliant with various data privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA.

As part of the SkyPoint family, CSG has the inside scoop on how best to integrate your current infrastructure with SkyPoint Cloud.

Our SkyPoint Lakehouse Capabilities

Our SkyPoint Vault Capabilities

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