Application Development

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Developing with Power BI Embedding

By CSG Pro on 9/17/2018

Developing with Power BI Embedding is a hands-on workshop designed to teach experienced developers how to embed Power BI reports and dashboards into their custom applications or web portals. This workshop uses a two-day, fast-paced format which includes lectures, instructor demos and hands-on lab exercises.

KnockoutJS & JQuery DataTables: Avoiding KnockoutJS Performance Issues With Large Data Sets

By CSG Pro on 12/4/2017

Discusses issues and workarounds when using JQuery DataTables with KnockoutJS for rendering large data sets in HTML Tables.

Power BI User Group - August Meetup

By CSG Pro on 8/15/2017

Join us for the last monthly Power BI meetup in our Pearl District location! Our very own Rachel Dyer, Brian Grant and Jamie Mikami will be sharing their expertise on design principles, DAX, and the new Power BI API!

Open Position: Web Developer

By CSG Pro on 7/24/2017

CSG Pro is seeking a Web Developer to join our App Dev team to create amazing browser-based cloud applications built on the Microsoft stack. The right individual for this role will be a developer who takes initiative, enjoys finding solutions to difficult challenges, is detail-oriented, and takes pride in their work.

Move Over Promises - Async/Await Is Here

By Ken Howard on 6/16/2017

JavaScript developers have suffered long enough. The wait for asynchronous functions is over. Here's what you need to know to use the new feature today.

Looking Forward to Software Development in 2017

By Ken Howard on 1/18/2017

As an application developer 2016 has treated me well. The year brought us new technology and platforms allowing our team to rapidly create software at a faster pace and with greater ease than ever before.

Enable IntelliSense in JavaScript [VIDEO]

By Ken Howard on 12/6/2016

Some developers rely heavily on intelligent code completion for their development workflow. If you're developing outside of a powerful IDE like Visual Studio, you may only be aware of "smart" code completion.

Why I Love TypeScript 2.0 And You Should Too

By Ken Howard on 10/7/2016

JavaScript has been a tremendous tool for front-end developers over the past 20 years. And with NodeJS we can leverage this powerful scripting language in new ways and on both ends of the wire. However, the more our applications are dependent on a dynamic language like JavaScript they become exponentially more fragile.

The Latest on TypeScript

By CSG Pro on 8/30/2016

Join us for our August meeting where Ken Howard and James Churchill will be presenting "The Latest on TypeScript".

A Bad Date With Internet Explorer 11: Trouble With New Unicode Characters in Javascript Date Strings

By Ted Bicknell on 8/29/2016

Internet Explorer 11 has begun wrapping the text output by the Javascript Date object's .toLocaleString() methods with Unicode characters. This new behavior has caused some trouble when parsing Dates in IE in some scenarios, as well as returning misleading string lengths. Both of these problems can make for a Very Bad Date with IE 11.