Application Development

App Settings in ASP.NET Core and Azure

By Brian List on 8/25/2016

While building an ASP.NET Core app, I came across the question of how to override application settings after deploying to Azure. Here I will review how application settings are managed in ASP.NET Core and follow on through modifying those values after we deploy to Azure.

Task and Async: Magically Wrapping Returned Objects into Tasks

By CSG Pro on 8/22/2016

A recent attempt to return a `BadRequest` in an existing WebAPI controller action method which returns a `Task<T>` failed in ways that challenged us to discover how the `System.Threading.Task` class is effectively a Promise and how it works with the async and await keywords. This post walks through our discovery and how we successfully returned a `BadRequest`.

TypeScript Default Parameters and Destructuring As a Substitute for Named Parameters

By Ken Howard on 8/1/2016

Some programming languages let you define a function with default parameter values. In fact, with ES2015 we can now do very much the same thing. A nice feature in other languages that is not available in JavaScript is calling a function with named parameters. Named parameters let us quickly override default parameter values.

Quick Fix: Inject Static, UTF-8 HTML Content With Byte Order Marks into MVC Razor Views

By Ted Bicknell on 4/1/2016

Injecting text files encoded as UTF-8 with the Byte Order Mark (BOM) into MVC Views can result the characters "" appearing in the rendered output. This post describes one approach for removing the BOM bytes when injecting text encoded with a BOM into MVC Views.

Exploring Angular Material

By Ken Howard on 3/20/2015

A brief overview of Angular Material, a mix of Google's Material Design language and AngularJS directives. We'll look at some of the most interesting parts, but there's plenty more to explore.

Top 7 Problems CSG Pro Solves for Clients

By CSG Pro on 3/17/2015

Most often, our clients and new prospects ask us for help with improving relationships with external or internal customers, or making their employees more productive. Here are 7 common problems we see and solve every day.

Tips and Tricks: Handy String Extension Methods

By CSG Pro on 3/2/2015

For better or worse, a lot of my life as a developer is spent writing code to manipulate strings. I perform the same operations so frequently I have (along with my coworkers) come up with some handy string extension methods that you might find useful as well.

CSG Pro Hosting NG-Conference Extended in PDX

By CSG Pro on 2/13/2015

CSG Pro will be live streaming the 2015 ng-conf from our office in NW Portland. Tickets are $20 and seating is limited.

The Best Way to Setup AngularJS Controllers: The Basics

By Ken Howard on 1/14/2015

Most AngularJS tutorials lead new developers down a dark and narrow path. Once your app has more than a few controllers and templates, things start to break down and you'll end up refactoring the entire application.

Case Study: Schnitzer Steel Website Redesign

By CSG Pro on 6/3/2014

As a longtime partner, CSG Pro was intimately familiar with the Schnitzer brand and brought a fluency of applicable programming languages and a wealth of experience migrating and integrating old and new technologies for Schnitzer.