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CSG Pro Reviews BUILD 2014

By CSG Pro on 4/14/2014

CSG Pro attends and reviews BUILD 2014 announcements, keynote, sessions and giveaways.

Nearing Real-Time

By CSG Pro on 12/30/2013

The demand for high speed web applications is on the rise. Learn about one of the main technologies that's making it possible.

JavaScript Validation with jQuery Validation and Knockout

By CSG Pro on 11/6/2013

This post illustrates one approach to using jQuery Validate to perform validation of forms that contain input controls dynamically generated using Knockout.js.

TFS Publishing with Azure Web Sites – Part 3

By CSG Pro on 11/4/2013

The third and final part of this series describes an approach to handling configuration of development and production resources such as database connection strings, making sure developers work in the development database but the published application automatically uses the production environment.

TFS Publishing with Azure Web Sites – Part 2

By CSG Pro on 10/15/2013

The second part in a three-part series, this part covers how to setup and maintain separate development and release branches of a project in Team Foundation Service and how to setup automated builds for the different branches.

TFS Publishing with Azure Web Sites

By CSG Pro on 9/30/2013

Part 1 of 3: This post covers the initial steps of getting a new Azure Web Site project configured with continuous integration with Team Foundation Service so that check-ins automatically trigger a new build and deployment to Azure.

CSG Pro Reviews BUILD 2013!

By CSG Pro on 6/28/2013

CSG's James Churchill attended BUILD 2013 and provides a day by day, session by session recap of his experience at this years conference. Includes reviews of keynotes, sessions and attendee giveaways. Bonus: Keynote presentation reviews by Allen Newton, Mats Lannér and Ron Ellis Gaut.

Automating Azure SQL Database Backups

By CSG Pro on 6/17/2013

Using Azure SQL Server hosted on Windows Azure is great option in many ways, but there is no built-in support provided for automating backups of your databases. This post describes a simple solution we put together in less than 2 days as an internal tool.

Free Virtual Machines with Windows 8

By CSG Pro on 11/20/2012

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization software. Windows 8 has stepped up the game and given me a near-perfect virtualization solution that comes included. This tutorial is intended for people with either the ‘Pro’ or ‘Enterprise’ versions of Windows 8, as they are the only versions that come pre-loaded with Hyper-V.

Introduction to Code First Migrations

By James Churchill on 10/18/2012

When Code First was initially released as part of Entity Framework 4.1, it lacked built-in support for migrating data when making changes to your Data Model. Updating your Data Model meant that you had to drop and recreate your database.