We build great web apps! 
We build great web apps! 

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Web Development for Desktop & Mobile
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The monopoly of the deskbound PC is over. Desktop and laptop computers are being replaced by tablets and smart phones. People want to be connected whenever and wherever using their device of choice. At CSG, we build websites based on that premise.

When we work with you to design, construct, deploy, and manage your website, we are creating a visual and interactive representation of your company and brand. Our process is designed to be creative, engaging and goal-driven. The end result is a product that is architecturally sound, intuitive, functional, and beautiful.

Our code is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using high quality software construction. With CSG you can expect comprehensive services including: UX / UI design, business analysis, system design, construction, testing, and deployment. We understand how to blend high level company goals, intuitive user interface, technological architecture and visually stunning design to create a unique and compelling solution for your business. Once built, we provide a managed service for the care and hosting of your website while making ongoing improvements. By custom building solutions that meet and exceed our clients' needs, we make long-term management of websites and web for mobile easy.

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Application Development
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“There’s an app for that”. That simple phrase really encapsulates the dramatic changes in development over the last few years. But what if there’s not an app for that? CSG was founded upon the idea that the most valuable software solutions are not always available “off the shelf” and organizations often require custom software in order to realize the full potential of their unique business opportunities. The dramatic transition to a world of mobile apps has made this truer than ever.

Success in this age of mobility requires that businesses provide users with mobile apps that are visually appealing, intuitive to use, device responsive, and socially enabled. When we think apps, we think mobile first. CSG’s custom application development solutions are uniquely designed to address our clients’ specific customer, market and organizational challenges. Supported by world-class infrastructure and mature processes, CSG provides the following comprehensive services in application development:

  • Custom application design and development for mobile, web and desktop platforms
  • Server-side data management and process automation for cloud deployment and on-premise environments
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – custom software solutions tailored to client-specific requirements and deployed in the cloud
  • Post-implementation managed services and application support

Whether you require solutions for desktops or handheld devices, web or mobile, custom applications are meeting the needs of countless businesses. Let CSG put our design and development team to work building your next app.

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Cloud Services
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Cloud computing is the most disruptive technology to emerge in the information age. It has leveled the playing field of the technological competitive landscape by enabling organizations to create infinitely scalable, fault tolerant, and secure compute environments with little to no capital investment. As a result, a wave of innovation is building that dwarfs all of the major information technology trends of the past. The on-demand availability of cloud services means that competitiveness has a lot less to do with the size of the organization and more to do with the quality and creativity of the solution.

We have leveraged the cloud to build highly functional websites, scalable data-marts for real time analytics, and robust line of business applications. In every case there are specific business requirements, demand for high security, scalability and a need for long-term support. Because the infrastructure already exists, the time to build and launch a production solution is often greatly reduced.

So at CSG, the question we always ask is … why not the cloud? When designing solutions for our clients our approach is certainly holistic; leverage current on-premises investments while giving full consideration for how cloud services can provide optimal benefit. Intelligent architecture and creativity are the key ingredients for a great solution. Whether you are well versed in cloud technologies or unsure of the difference between PaaS and SaaS, we’ll work with you to apply our knowledge and experience to achieve the results you are striving for.

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Companies can gain more value from their business data by using it to empower people to make well-informed decisions. Traditionally this has meant a business analyst exposing historical data through spreadsheets and reports. Today, rapidly emerging cloud and mobile technologies are transforming the way information is used.

Researchers, data scientists, and marketers are analyzing very large volumes of unstructured data from previously untapped sources such as e-mails, customer service records, sensor data, and security logs. Now that companies have the ability to deal with so much more data, they are free to incorporate a greater variety of data into the mix. For example, social media, demographics, census, mobile phone, traffic, and weather data can be incorporated with more traditional sources to give context to business intelligence. The goal is to use more data, more elements and better analysis until clear patterns emerge.

As business leaders begin to recognize the potential of big data, they realize that the biggest insights and hidden gems of knowledge are found when big data actually becomes quite small. CSG’s Analytics and BI solutions are designed to deliver data to you in real-time as actionable information, helping you to make those informed business decisions faster. We have expertise in:

  • Customer/Production Data Hub — Data consolidation and cleansing
  • Data Mining Solutions — Business analytics applications
  • Data Presentation — Web-based or SharePoint dashboards
  • Business Data Architecture and Analytics

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A portal should serve as an inviting and effective window into valuable information that is enjoyable for all users. At CSG, we design and develop highly functional and collaborative, cloud or hybrid SharePoint solutions firmly rooted in business strategy. We believe that business requirements, architecture, user interface design, information architecture, and governance are not just “nice to have” but are key elements to any successful implementation.

Using technologies like Office 365 with SharePoint Online, we build powerful enterprise content management and collaboration tools without the need to support on-premises infrastructure. For clients who require customized on-premises solutions, we have a wealth of experience in infrastructure architecture and a legacy of application development knowledge that gives us unique capabilities to develop collaboration and portal solutions that help connect people, processes and information across an organization.

The output is a portal functioning as a core business tool with high user adoption and satisfaction.

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Windows 8
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Tablet devices have outsold the desktop PC and are expected to outsell laptops in the next 3 years. This dramatic trend has driven change in operating systems and apps. Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 adds fuel to that fire. CNET says, "Microsoft makes an aggressive, forward-thinking, and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8." The world of possibilities is wide open for building great apps that take advantage of things like touch, video and proximity sharing.

Great apps are defined by the quality of the user experience and the seamless blending of mobile, web and cloud capabilities that enable users to connect, share and interact in rich and meaningful ways. Our passion is building great apps on Windows 8.

Whether you need a world-class consumer app in the Windows Store or a line of business application using Windows 8, we have the team and experience you need. CSG has worked closely with Microsoft through the Application Fast Track (AFT) program, the Microsoft Application Acceleration Program (MAAP) and is a Windows Design Agency Network partner. We have built Windows 8 applications for some of today's biggest brands.

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About Us

Our team loves to build solutions that are beautifully designed, functional and hardworking. We integrate modern cloud and mobile technologies with on-premises systems to maximize value, create massive scale and ensure long-term supportability. CSG does whatever it takes to help organizations get the most value out of their systems. We know that every project is connected to the business. The right solution will meet business requirements, have a great user experience, complement current architecture, and anticipate future needs.

Headquartered in Portland Oregon, CSG is deeply committed to our values: Do What’s Right, Team Over Self, Deliver Excellence, and Create Value. We hope we have the opportunity to live these out while building something amazing for your business.

Chuck Britton
Sales and Marketing Director

In April 2013, Chuck made the decision to join CSG, recognizing that integrity, excellence, and teamwork were core to serving the firm’s clients. The combination of CSG’s 20 year reputation, plus the entrepreneurial spirit behind their growth plans, made it the ideal place to land his 25 years of technology solution sales and general management experience. Chuck spent 14 years at Microsoft Corporation just prior to CSG.

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Ron Ellis Gaut
VP of Strategic Solutions

As a founding member, Ron has had the unique opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the company since the beginning. He brings over 30 years of IT experience and a broad base of expertise to Strategic Solutions at CSG Pro.

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James Churchill
Practice Manager: Application Development

James manages the development of custom applications for CSG. He has worked extensively with Microsoft technologies such as “classic” ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). As a web developer, James has also worked extensively with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, and even occasionally PHP and MySQL.

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  • Chuck
    Sales and
    Marketing Director
  • Ron
    Vice President
    Strategic Solutions
  • James
    Practice Manager:
    Application Development
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