Own Your Data and Scale Your Vision

Our data analytics consultants solve problems and ignite victories. From custom software solutions to business intelligence services, CSG Pro delivers the guidance you need to own your data infrastructure and scale your data-driven vision.

Data Analytics Consultants That Empower

Our data analytics consultants work elbow-to-elbow, helping you understand how to intelligently and efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize data opportunities.

Your data-driven transformation begins with understanding your goals and vision for your business intelligence tools. We then develop a path to help you achieve your needs through a data warehouse or reporting solution. We never leave you in the dark—CSG Pro continually empowers you and your team with Power BI training, coaching, and mentorship.

Complete BI Managed Services

When you don’t have the time or expertise to invest in business intelligence solutions or data warehousing, CSG Pro is ready to offer support with BI managed services.

We step in with a suite of BI capabilities. Our collaborative spirit means we work as an extension of your team, while giving you the best possible data infrastructure. CSG Pro data analytics consultants deliver strategy and expertise to complete your data pipeline and reporting needs.

Agile Custom Software Development

Are your processes and technologies outdated? Are your business needs unique and constantly shifting? It’s okay…we’ve got you.

We are avid practitioners of Agile methodologies, complete transparency, and close collaboration. Working with your team’s input, CSG Pro builds the optimal custom software solution for integrating your systems and elevating your capabilities.

Business Apps for Digital Transformation

It doesn’t matter what size your business is or what it’s about…digital transformation is a must. Legacy systems are impacting your org and it’s time to take the power back.

CSG Pro brings enterprise-level capabilities to your organization with easy-to-use, low-code business apps. Speed and scale are critical for any growing organization. We unify your business users and IT with simple and scalable business applications.

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Where others have failed to provide a 360-degree view of business operations, data integration is our superpower.


To protect your competitive edge, our business intelligence and software solutions are customized for your individual needs.


We develop data visualizations in your product or web app, so you gain clear insights for informed business decisions.

“If you are wasting your time figuring out data analytics, then I would highly recommend CSG Pro. They are data wizards—a down-to-earth and hilarious team. You will see your data clearly, experience fewer headaches and become more efficient.”

Mika A.

Elements of DAX with Brian Grant

The Elements of DAX video tutorials are here! Brian Grant gets into the depths of DAX in this series of 26 videos. Your mastery of the DAX framework starts now.

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