Power BI Tutorial: Getting to Know Power BI Video Series

Your main concern is understanding data and making data-driven decisions. You don’t know the ins and outs of Microsoft Power BI, but you need this tool for all things data. The CSG Pro Business User Video Series is a Power BI tutorial you’ll love.

The Business User Video Series will help you:

  • Understand how to use key Microsoft Power BI reports so you can drive the most organizational value.
  • Make important data-driven decisions, then take action strategically.
  • Gain confidence in the best way to use Power BI for the greater good of your organization.


Part 2: Getting to Know Power BI

Getting to Know Power BI is Part 2 in our three-part Business User Video Series (Part 1 is right here). This Power BI tutorial helps you navigate the complex world of Power BI Service. How do I get to my website? How do I use different apps? How do I organize my favorite reports? There’s a lot to cover. Watch the video and get in there…

In our next Power BI tutorial, we’ll get into more advanced components of PowerBI when interacting with a report—watch Part 3 of the Business User Series.

If you missed our first video in this series, check it out here…Part 1: Basic Report Interaction. And remember to subscribe to The CSG Pro Blog to receive all of these resources in your inbox.

Are you looking for a Power BI partner? The CSG Pro team is ready to help.

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Brian Grant
Brian Grant

Brian Grant is a masterful Senior Analytics Consultant by day, and a Power BI legend by night. A passion for Power BI drove him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. Brian is a constant teacher who leads Power BI training sessions, while sharing his wealth of expertise through video and blogging resources.