Power Apps Life Skills: Tips & Tricks For Building Better Galleries

Matthew Devaney is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) from Winnipeg, Canada. An ‘Excel Wizard’ by day and a Power Apps maker by night, he loves teaching others the skills needed to build their own awesome Apps!

He publishes how-to articles about Power Apps each week to his website: https://matthewdevaney.com.

And he likes to share hot tips on his Twitter account: @mattbdevaney

You can usually find him on the Power Apps community forums where he has solved over 1,400 posts (#1 all-time!) and contributed to the top-liked app: The Power Apps Collections Cookbook – 50 Visual Examples + Code.

You can find the 2-part series of this build on Matthew Devaney’s blog here:



Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian is the Director of Sales at CSG Pro. Having mastered skills in business intelligence, embedded analytics, cost-efficient data warehouse implementations, and custom-tailored software solutions, Greg uses his diverse expertise to help business leaders achieve data-driven goals. Greg is solution orientated and married to the success of clients, partners, and the greater community.
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