Scraping Data The Easy Way With Power Query

RADU BOBIRNAC (Malarkey Roofing Products) – Scraping Data The Easy Way With Power Query

Using BeautifulSoup library in Python can give you a lot of flexibility. The downside is, if you don’t have them already installed, is needing a pip install for soup, a request library, and a lxml, or html5 parser. Power BI has a faster way of scraping data, but at the cost of waiting for PowerQuery to parse through each page.

Radu Bobirnac’s passion is in bringing datasets together to show the bigger picture in the simplest possible way. Radu’s desire for speed and service of staff have led him to use Power BI to paint an internal sales picture. In addition to the amazing staff at CSG, his superheroes include Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari

Portland Power BI User Group

Portland Power BI User Group

The Portland Power BI User Group is a community of people excited about the business analytics tool, Power BI. We believe the platform offers rich possibilities, and we keep pace by sharing our learning and doing deep-dive explorations of topics. We run the gamut from new to experienced users and welcome anyone who shares an interest in data analytics. Some great perks to joining our monthly meetups are networking, knowledge transfer, and community building. We aim to foster a vibrant community that shares success in implementing best practices for Power BI. Complimentary pizza and refreshments are served at every meetup.
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