Take Control of Your Data Analytics​

We deliver data analytics solutions and constant guidance—you take ownership and gain oversight to make well-informed business decisions.

By improving your business intelligence capabilities, data warehousing practices, and Microsoft Power BI skills, you’ll handle data governance like a pro.

CSG Data Analytics

Business Intelligence: Manage Tools and Realize the Vision

Business intelligence is our focus and our passion. We were early adopters of Microsoft Power BI well before it was a household name. Rather than keeping our BI expertise behind-the-scenes, we prefer to spread a self-service data analytics culture through education and empowerment.

Acting as a force-multiplier for your in-house IT team, we swiftly analyze your business, find the most valuable data opportunities, recommend the right BI solution, then provide a clear roadmap.

The goal? Help your team stay proficient and cutting-edge…and on target to achieving your organization’s greater vision.

Data Warehousing: Support Your Process and Clean House

Like most organizations, your team is completely bogged down by legacy systems, lack of data governance, and poor data warehousing implementation. You don’t have the capacity, expertise, or technology to keep the lights on while also moving forward.

As Agile practitioners, CSG builds processes and infrastructure to promote data governance and data cleanliness. We cut the time to deliver robust BI solutions with data warehousing automation tools, like WhereScape, and BI tools that quickly prototype, like Power BI.

Big price tags? Lengthy timelines? Not here. We move quickly to improve your data warehousing situation in a cost-conscious way.

"Partnering with the pros at CSG allows you to unlock your full potential...and you don't need to become a Power BI expert yourself. The CSG team helps you crystalize your vision and goals while making poignant suggestions you may not have considered—all through managing, sorting, and studying data visually."

Andrew E.

Business Intelligence Technology and Expertise

We specialize in WhereScape RED / WhereScape 3D for building successful data warehouses at a fraction of the time and cost. WhereScape enables Agile data warehouse development to conform to the continually evolving nature of today’s business intelligence needs.

An active Microsoft Gold Data Analytics and Data Platform Partner, we’re experts in data warehousing, data modeling, and data visualization. We integrate data sources of all kinds—in the cloud or on-premise—and model the data for easy report writing. We are avid fans of Microsoft’s Power BI for reporting and data visualization.

Above all, we achieve long-term results for our clients by building solutions that are understandable and maintainable.

Take control of your data with CSG.