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At CSG, we’re all about developing your data infrastructure, then handing off the keys or playing support roles. Not all cloud-first perspectives are the same—you can absolutely reproduce your clunky infrastructure in the cloud and not reap the true benefits. When we say cloud-first, we mean it.

Azure Synapse Analytics provides a robust cloud-centric or hybrid infrastructure with scalability and security built in. By leveraging the many Platform as a Service offerings at your disposal, your process will be better from the ground up.

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Make Your Data Accessible, Secure, and Scalable

Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform is a wide-ranging topic that covers a vast amount of cloud computing products, including: Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Factory, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Analysis Services, Cognitive Services, Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure DevOps, and Azure Link. As you can see, Azure is a legitimately robust platform.

CSG has been around long enough to see the on-premise to cloud evolution happen with Microsoft technologies…we know what works and what doesn’t. So, what works? Deploying our custom software or data solutions on Azure Platform as a Service.

Using Azure empowers your team to sidestep many of the headaches that come with traditional development. By building your data warehouse and ETL code in the cloud, your data is easily accessible and scalable. Also included? Peace of mind. Right out of the box, data security and privacy concerns (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, SOC) are addressed.

Our Azure Capabilities

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