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CSG helps your organization develop your full data infrastructure in Microsoft Power BI from day one and promote adoption through training and pragmatic capabilities long-term.

We’ve lived and breathed Power BI for 5+ years before it took off and became a household name. Whether you are a Microsoft shop or not, hands down Power BI is the best BI tool on the market for transforming your organization.

"Partnering with the pros at CSG allows you to unlock your full potential...and you don't need to become a Power BI expert yourself. The CSG team helps you crystalize your vision and goals while making poignant suggestions you may not have considered—all through managing, sorting, and studying data visually."

Andrew E.

Self-Serve Your End-to-End Analytics Needs

Power BI is more than a data visualization tool. It’s a full-suite business intelligence platform that includes connecting to data sources and modeling data. Layering in artificial intelligence, Power BI has robust data security features that allow business users to self-serve all analytics needs from end-to-end.

Rather than managing a mosaic of BI tools, Microsoft Power BI is a single platform where business and IT folks fluently speak the same language to provide administration and data governance with ease.

Our Power BI Capabilities

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Our Power BI consultants solve problems and ignite victories. The CSG team delivers the guidance you need to own your data infrastructure and scale your data-driven vision.

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