Microsoft Power Platform

CSG’s lineage in custom software development has taught us how to step up to complex business processes and architect efficient solutions that drive results. Couple that with our expertise across the Microsoft Power Platform stack and you have a winning recipe.

Rather than buying bulky off-the-shelf solutions that need to be molded to your needs, the Power Platform will mold to your processes and systems to drive enterprise-grade efficiencies—minus the steep price.

CSG Power Platform

Accomplish More in a Low-Code No-Code Platform

The Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents) is a suite of tools by Microsoft that empowers your analysts and business users to develop transactional, automated, and analytical solutions….without the perils of writing code.

Your investment in the Microsoft Power Platform includes unbeatable built-in machine learning and AI features. Instead of building a data warehouse or complex data architecture, your team leverages Microsoft’s Common Data Service at the center of all of these tools.

The Power Platform manages all of the hard stuff, providing an easy-to-understand data entity list that can be utilized by your citizen developers. Because we love to cultivate citizen developers across the organization, we focus on mentoring your team so they know how to take over the solutions we build.

Our Power Platform Capabilities

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