Snowflake Data Platform

Delivering a cloud-first vision with its cloud data platform, Snowflake is a total game-changer. CSG’s initial admiration swiftly turned into a partnership, and we are proud to support your team as you venture into your Snowflake journey.

The flexibility of a single cloud data platform that can scale from nothing to petabytes rivals the typical cloud vendors that require migration from a low-scale to high-scale product. Snowflake’s ability to be a data lake, data warehouse, or database makes administration hassle-free to reduce overhead and inefficiencies.

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Simplify Processes with an Integrated Cloud Data Platform

Snowflake equips organizations with an integrated cloud data platform that offers the only data warehouse built for any cloud. Their cloud data platform provides instant, secure, and governed access to their entire network of data—along with a core architecture that enables many other types of data workloads, such as developing modern data applications.

Using the Snowflake data marketplace, you have connections to hundreds of free data sets and benchmarks to munge your data with. Better yet, you can host your data on the marketplace for your customers.

Snowflake’s data platform covers workloads for custom software, data analytics, data engineering, data science, and even data sharing. It’s time to achieve your multi-cloud vision with a cloud data platform that can be deployed on any of the major players (Microsoft, Google, and Amazon).

Our Snowflake Capabilities

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