With WhereScape, we turn businesses into believers. As a Gold WhereScape reseller partner, the CSG team has implemented 30+ data warehouses. We provide implementation, training, and mentoring services to make sure your team knows how to take the data warehousing reigns.

WhereScape allows you to truly follow agile data warehouse practices by reducing the time to value for developing your data infrastructure. After you increase efficiencies between WhereScape and your current data stack, your organization will eliminate redundancy and improve data governance.

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Do Better Work in Less Time with Automation

“Data warehouse” has become stigmatized at the C-suite level. Think: huge price tags, long timelines, and a high chance of failure. The core need for a data warehouse will never go away. Thankfully, WhereScape is a game-changing automation solution that helps teams do better work in less time.

WhereScape is the only end-to-end tool that covers ETL, staging, modeling, and scheduling within a single interface while building best-practice SQL code for a multitude of target databases. Frankly, the CSG senior SQL developers never thought they would use an automated tool like WhereScape. Now, they are unwavering advocates.

WhereScape allows your team of SQL coders to work harmoniously. Auto-documentation capabilities save your team from spending tons of time figuring out how to merge code or documents. WhereScape also delivers an up-to-date data catalog for business intelligence or data science needs

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